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Renshaw’s Personal Training philosophy

Bryan has created Renshaw’s Personal Training to help create every persons dream body. In this program Bryan uses his symmetrical training philosophy to get each client to their fitness goals. Symmetrical training allows Bryan to train each body part equally so the body has a balanced and healthy look. This training style also allows for muscle to be distributed throughout the body, which leads to an increased metabolism and greater caloric burn. Building lean muscle is essential for Bryan’s programs because it allows each client to reach their fitness goals faster. This also allows the clients to stay in top shape easier because of the muscle they have gained throughout their body. So, why wait another day when you have the opportunity to get the body you have always wanted. Lets get started on the journey to your best self!

Renshaw’s Personal Training is available at these California Gym locations: Gold’s Gym San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell, and Mountain View. Also available for in home training.

“Let me change your life. Lets build the body of your dreams together and create the ideal you.” Bryan Renshaw